Proceedings are available on the ACL anthology at this link.

November 20, 2020 (UTC time)

9:00–10:45 Session 1 (chair: Antonio Jimeno)

9:00 Introduction (Fabio Rinaldi)

9:15 The Impact of De-identification on Downstream Named Entity Recognition in Clinical Text

Hanna Berg, Aron Henriksson and Hercules Dalianis

9:30 Simple Hierarchical Multi-Task Neural End-To-End Entity Linking for Biomedical Text

Maciej Wiatrak and Juha Iso-Sipila

9:40 Medical Concept Normalization in User-Generated Texts by Learning Target Concept Embeddings

Katikapalli Subramanyam Kalyan and Sivanesan Sangeetha

9:50 Not a cute stroke: Analysis of Rule- and Neural Network-based Information Extraction Systems for Brain Radiology Reports

Andreas Grivas, Beatrice Alex, Claire Grover, Richard Tobin and William Whiteley

10:05 GGPONC: A Corpus of German Medical Text with Rich Metadata Based on Clinical Practice Guidelines

Florian Borchert, Christina Lohr, Luise Modersohn, Thomas Langer, Markus Follmann, Jan Philipp Sachs, Udo Hahn and Matthieu-P. Schapranow

10:20 Session 1 Questions and Answers

10:45–11:00 Break

11:00–12:20 Session 2 (chair: Anne-Lyse Minard)

11:00 Normalization of Long-tail Adverse Drug Reactions in Social Media

Emmanouil Manousogiannis, Sepideh Mesbah, Alessandro Bozzon, Robert-Jan Sips, Zoltan Szlanik and Selene Baez

11:15 Evaluation of Machine Translation Methods applied to Medical Term

Konstantinos Skianis, Yann Briand and Florent Desgrippes

11:30 Information retrieval for animal disease surveillance: a pattern-based approach

Sarah Valentin, Mathieu Roche and Renaud Lancelot

11:45 Multitask Learning of Negation and Speculation using Transformers

Aditya Khandelwal and Benita Kathleen Britto

12:00 Session 2 Questions and Answers

12:20–14:00 Break

14:00–14:45 Keynote (chair: Eben Holderness)

14:00 Invited Talk - Clinical NLP, some tasks and applications in medicine

Guergana Savova

14:30 Invited Talk Questions and Answers

14:45–15:00 Break

15:00–16:15 Session 3 (chair: Fabio Rinaldi)

15:00 Biomedical Event Extraction as Multi-turn Question Answering

Xing David Wang, Leon Weber and Ulf Leser

15:15 An efficient representation of chronological events in medical texts

Andrey Kormilitzin, Nemanja Vaci, Qiang Liu, Hao Ni, Goran Nenadic and Alejo Nevado-Holgado

15:25 Defining and Learning Refined Temporal Relations in the Clinical Narrative

Kristin Wright-Bettner, Chen Lin, Timothy Miller, Steven Bethard, Dmitriy Dligach, Martha Palmer, James H. Martin and Guergana Savova

15:40 Context-Aware Automatic Text Simplification of Health Materials in Low-Resource Domains

Tarek Sakakini, Jong Yoon Lee, Aditya Duri, Renato F.L. Azevedo, Victor Sadauskas, Kuangxiao Gu, Suma Bhat, Dan Morrow, James Graumlich, Saqib Walayat, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, Thomas Huang, Ann Willemsen-Dunlap and Donald Halpin

15:55 Session 3 Questions and Answers

16:15–16:30 Break

16:30–17:30 Session 4 (chair: Alberto Lavelli)

16:30 Identifying Personal Experience Tweets of Medication Effects Using Pre-trained RoBERTa Language Model and Its Updating

Minghao Zhu, Youzhe Song, Ge Jin and Keyuan Jiang

16:45 Detecting Foodborne Illness Complaints in Multiple Languages Using English Annotations Only

Ziyi Liu, Giannis Karamanolakis, Daniel Hsu and Luis Gravano

17:00 Detection of Mental Health from Reddit via Deep Contextualized Representations

Zhengping Jiang, Sarah Ita Levitan, Jonathan Zomick and Julia Hirschberg

17:15 Session 4 Questions and Answers